Rodneya Ross

Eastside Community Ministry receives donations from a local OSU alumni group

by Rodneya Ross on April 23, 2018 at 5:17 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Muskingum County is closing out the month of April giving back to the community.

Each month the club does a service a project in the community. They kicked this month off with a scholarship fundraiser and auction. The club has supported several community groups in the past and try to pick a different organization every year.

“Our club chose Eastside Community Ministry this year. So we got a list from Jamie Trout the director and gathered up some items,” said Terry Kopchak the President of OSUACMC. “ Lots of food items, some school supplies, and things of that nature. And also brought in some cash donations.”

Several members stopped by Eastside to help drop off the donations. The donations help Eastside with items that are sometimes pricey, but in high demand.

“They brought school supplies for our upcoming for School program which is tremendous help. We gave them a list of some of the items that we usually don’t get donated and that we have to purchase and they’re more expensive items,” said Jamie Trout the Executive Director of Eastside Community Ministry. “So that will help out a lot. Also, the food, cereal is one of our biggest needs. So they brought us cereal and chicken noodle soup, tuna fish. Things like that that are more expensive.”

In addition to the $100 check, the club donated another $275 to Eastside Community. If you would like to help support Eastside Community Ministry you can give them a call,  (740) 452-7519.