Rodneya Ross

OU students present Brownfield Redevelopment project to Council

by Rodneya Ross on April 23, 2018 at 8:43 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Ohio University graduate students appeared before City Council to present their research for the OU Brownfield Redevelopment Project.

The project, in partnership with the City of Zanesville, is looking to develop sites in South Zanesville. Jay Bennett, the Public Service Director, said the students from the geography and economics classes having been working on the redevelopment plans.

“For the last couple of months they have been focusing on the Mosaic site. Doing the analysis. Looking at reports. Interviews. Talking to people,” said Bennett. “Understanding what’s happening with housing, economics, infrastructure, recreation, amenities, jobs. So they’ve kind of done all of that and it’s fun watching the two different departments.”

The students put together a report to determine the best uses of the site. Bennett said now the city will review the reports and decide the next steps.

“We have the assessment. The Brownfield assessment. Looking to find a partner on the site who has access to the site to give our consultants access to the site to do the phase two,” said Bennett. “Continue to partner with the township because you have adjacent sites that are impacted as well and we look at that as one whole area for our community.”

Bennett said there is no timeline on when the project will begin.