Elizabeth Morehead

Pet of the Week: Roo

by Elizabeth Morehead on April 20, 2018 at 5:12 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Animal Shelter Society wants to introduce you to a special puppy looking for a forever home.

Roo, who goes by a few different names, is a doberman mix who is missing his front legs.

“As you can see he has no front legs. We think he’s got some doberman in him and we have been in the process of getting him fitted for a cart and we’re getting close to kind of getting all that finalized. So we’re looking for some prospective adopters for him,” said Shelter Director Jody Murray

Murray said that because Roo will be on a cart, anyone looking to adopt him needs be willing to give a little extra care.

“It’ll need to be someone that’s willing to give a little extra care, a little extra attention,” said Murray “Health-wise he’s doing very well, and seems to get along with other animals and things like that. Yeah, he’s going to take some extra care, but we think that with the right family who makes a commitment, he’ll make a good fit for them.”

Anyone interested in adopting Roo can fill out an application at the Animal Shelter Society or call the shelter for more information at (740) 452-1077.