Karysa Kent

School honors principal and secretary

by Karysa Kent on April 13, 2018 at 6:34 pm

WARSAW, Ohio – River View High School held an assembly to congratulate this years O.A.S.S.A. ‘Principal of the Year’ and ‘Secretary of the Year.’

Principal Charles (Chuck) Rinkes was honored and thanked today by colleagues and students, after Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators selected Rinkes as ‘Principal of the Year.’ Rinkes claimed he knew about the assembly, but was “in awe” by the scale of the assembly.

Photo By: Karysa Kent

“It’s very humbling, because as I said when you win awards like this it’s not just one person,” Rinkes expressed. “I mean we have such a tremendous staff, I mean the office staff, our secretaries do such a fantastic job they are underpaid. They earn their money everyday. Our teaching staff does just a wonderful job. The things that they do, the programs they provide, and also being advisers to clubs and activities.”

Rinkes thanked River View’s students, colleagues, and board members as well as his wife and son for their support. Rinkes then brought up Secretary to the Principal, Angie Speicher and had her recognized for being this years O.A.S.S.A. ‘Secretary of the Year.’

Speicher and Rinkes acknowledged they do this hard work for the students just like all the teachers and staff members have done and will continue to do.

Photo By: Karysa Kent

“We so badly want these kids to feel like they belong, like this is a place they can call home, and they have a family,” Speicher said. ‘So to have somebody say ‘Hey, we appreciate that you’ve put in the time to do this.’ Has really humbled us, but has made us feel really blessed.”

“In 27 years of doing this it’s been a lot of humbling moments, sometimes adults don’t give kids enough credit,” Rinkes admitted. “I’ve had some tremendous students over my 27 years. They just want to belong, they want you to respect them, treat them with respect, and they want structure. Those are things that everyday we try to provide every kid in our district.

According to Speicher over the last 20 years the ‘Principal of the Year’ and ‘Secretary of the Year’ awards have not been offered in the same district, let alone the same building.