Rodneya Ross

Conesville Power Plan hosts Outdoor Educational Event for students

by Rodneya Ross on May 16, 2018 at 5:33 pm

CONESVILLE, Ohio- Hundreds of fifth and sixth grade students visit Conesville Plant for an Outdoor Educational Event.

The students from nine different schools participated in various outdoor activities. Several businesses and organizations set up tents to teach the kids what they do. Ohio State University, the Coshocton County Sheriff Department, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources were among the attendees.

“It’s just something that the power plant started to show a lot about what we do here. And then we brought in more and more outside people to just make it more of a good thing for the kids really,” said Ricky Wallace a Coal and Equipment Operator. “It just…that’s what it’s all about. Now, it’s just for the kids to learn a lot of stuff from a lot of different people.”

The power plant has been doing this program for 18 years now and enjoys giving the students a chance to learn outside of the classroom. They also give the kids an opportunity to see how the plant affects the river.

“This right here where they bring the fish out of the river and let them see what kind of fish are in the river. And shows them a little bit that the power plant’s not hurting this river. That it’s still a lot of fish in the river and a lot of different species of fish in this river,” said Wallace.

Over 75 employees and retirees of the plant volunteered to help make the day possible.