Brian Armstrong

Camp Invention focuses on creative thinking

by Brian Armstrong on June 13, 2018 at 2:25 pm

DUNCAN FALLS, Ohio- Even though its summer vacation, elementary students are still spending time in the classroom.

Around 60 elementary students are taking part in Camp Invention at Duncan Falls Elementary School, where both creativity and thinking outside of the box are encouraged. Teacher, Kayla Kidwell said kids get hands-on experience with math, science and problem-solving.

“We really don’t have a set agenda. We teach them about all kinds of engineering and some stem things. We guide them with connections as their learning,” said Kidwell.

The kids are able to use items from home to build things such as an ax or fishing rod out of cardboard. Kidwell said this teaches kids how to overcome difficulties and have fun at the same time.

“What they come up with and what their inventions do. How they solve problems because generally you think it’s going to be solved one way and they solve it a completely a different way. ‘That does work, what a great idea.’ So just watching those light bulbs goes off,” said Kidwell.

Kidwell said this camp is such a wonderful learning experience not only for the kids but, also for the teachers.