Brian Armstrong

‘ForeverDads’ has a permanent location

by Brian Armstrong on June 12, 2018 at 3:21 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- ‘ForeverDads’ is celebrating the purchase of their new building that will make them a permanent part of Southeast Ohio.

Zanesville City Schools auctioned off one of its old buildings located on Madison Street. C.E.O. of ‘ForeverDads,’ Burl Lemon said the former Putnam High School organizations had been leasing the building for a decade. The building is now their permanent home after spending $45,000.

“We have established a permanent site that focuses on fathering. It is the only one in the nation that is a self-contained, self-owned, board govern, nonprofit, community-based organization that’s primary focus is on fathering,” said Lemon.

Lemon said the purchase of the building will help the organization continue their work of fatherhood in the community. President Jason Wilhelm said the organization owning the building allows the community to know exactly where ForeverDads is.

“This is where we can bring fathers and they know it’s going to be there. It’s not just a location that might move from here to there but that permanency is important I think for folks to identify with and know this is where they can come to receive that type of fatherhood education and work,” said Wilhelm.

The former high school is now named ForeverDads- the Center for Fathers and Families.