Keely Lovern

Local Boy Scout building starts renovations

by Keely Lovern on June 13, 2018 at 3:56 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- local boy scout council building is getting a makeover, and it all started Wednesday afternoon.

The current conference room at the Muskingum Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America will be torn down to allow for renovations and executive director Ed Mulholland said the expansion will allow for another meeting room and handicapped accessible restrooms which will benefit the center in many ways.

“The expansion is really about quality program supporting the families of Muskingum County and the rest of our council with a program that helps them raise great children that are going to help them become great citizens and strong leaders with strong values,” Mulholland said.

Mulholland said he is excited for the renovation and hopes it will allow Eagle Scout graduates to continue to serve younger generations and have a space to support scouts for years to come, and that it couldn’t have happened without the community’s support.

“Well we are really excited. For the last five years or so, a lot of hard work – raising money, a lot of generous donors throughout the community have gotten us to this point,” Mulholland said. “The staff slipped in early and took a sledgehammer to a couple of the walls, we’re so excited about finally getting it done.”

Mulholland said the council is still looking for the last 20% of their campaign to complete the entire renovation, so any support is welcomed and appreciated. You can find out more information and ways to donate by calling 740-453-0571 or by visiting