Brian Armstrong

New Ohio driver licenses

by Brian Armstrong on June 12, 2018 at 3:21 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Starting July 2nd Ohio will start to issue more secure driver’s license and in a few years, this new license could impact travelers.

Ohio Drivers will still be able to get a standard drivers license but, starting in October of 2020 people without a passport or a new more secure and compliant drivers license will not be able to fly. AAA spokesperson Kimberly Schwind said although Ohio travelers won’t be impacted for over two more years, the state is getting a jump start on the process.

“I think for people to understand is they don’t need to run out and get the new compliant license on July 2nd. We have a couple years and so you can still fly with the license you have now as long as it’s valid until October 2020,” said Schwind.

Schwind said you will need to go through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a new license however, people can reach out to AAA travel agents for help understanding the license changes.

“The standard identification, and the compliant identification is going to cost the same amount. The only difference is you’re going to have to produce more documentation to receive the compliant identification and it will be mailed to you in 10 business days. Whereas the standard form, you get one right there,” said Schwind.

Schwind recommended getting a compliant drivers license in the next few years if you think there is a chance of you flying after October of 2020.