Keely Lovern

Raffled motorcycle goes to local veteran

by Keely Lovern on June 12, 2018 at 4:52 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Veterans appreciation weekend left a new motorcycle in the hands of a special recipient Tuesday.

On Sunday, the Veterans Appreciation Foundation raffled off a 2017 motorcycle with a commemorative military exterior from Fink’s Harley Davidson. Winner Justin Smith also happens to be a veteran, and one who general manager Tony Fink said is a great recipient.

“It’s super cool that we had a veteran from Zanesville right here in the area and his family is actually one of our bigger supporters of the foundation so it’s really neat to see somebody locally win the bike,” Fink said.

Smith gave nine years of service and was deployed twice, so he said winning this bike in honor of veteran’s appreciation weekend is exciting and he feels very lucky.

“I was pretty happy that I got the phone call on Sunday that I won this, it’s a really nice bike,” Smith said, “I’ve never actually won anything in my life so I started crying, I was super happy.”

Smith said a safety course, motorcycle license, and helmet are next on his list, and that he can’t wait to get out on the road with his new bike.