Elizabeth Morehead

​​​​​Clowns visit a local camp

by Elizabeth Morehead on July 11, 2018 at 2:00 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Clowns from Genesis Hospice Care stopped by the YMCA day camp.

They came to visit the kids and to have some fun while teaching a little about Hospice.

“We like to make our presence known in the community to know that we are there,” said Melba the Clown. “We are there to help people and we like to show the different facets we have a hospice, clowns being one.”

The kids had a chance to play hand bells and to paint memory rocks in honor of loved ones or pets they’ve lost. Melba the Clown said these types of opportunities allow them to show a different side of Hospice.

“So we are trying to show that Genesis Hospice can bring joy to people even if it’s a time that’s a sad time we can also bring joy to people,” she said.

The clowns also made balloon animals for the children and played some group games with them.