Elizabeth Morehead

Primrose of Zanesville among top 20 assisted living communities in Ohio

by Elizabeth Morehead on July 11, 2018 at 2:00 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A local assisted living community is among the top 20 for resident satisfaction in Ohio.

Primrose Retirement Community of Zanesville was ranked 19th out of over 600 assisted living communities surveyed in Ohio. Executive Director Shala Steinman said a division of the Ohio Department of Aging comes and interviews residents face to face about their experience living at Primrose.

“We give them a list and they pick randomly and ask their questions about their satisfaction,” said Steinman. “I think most generally it’s about the care they receive, their dinning experience and how they like the things that are happening here at Primrose.”

Steinman said they work very hard to make sure each person at Primrose is well taken care of and happy. She said they like to provide a fun environment and that the residents are treated like family.

“And it’s just, its all about the quality of care you provide,” said Steinman. “And we kind of treat everybody here like their our grandparents and we care for them like we would want ours cared for.”

Steinman said Primrose is the only community in the Zanesville area to place in the top 20 and they are honored to be ranked so high.