Matthew Kinchla

Code 3 Trailer Could Save Lives

by Matthew Kinchla on April 14, 2019 at 5:53 pm

ZANESVILLE, Ohio. – A special trailer traveling the country is bringing drug awareness for parents, family members and more.

The Code 3 camper was parked outside of the South Zanesville Walmart today. Consultant for the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative, Jenny Camper said the company helped bring the trailer to Zanesville. Camper said the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative works with local organizations to create a healthier environment.

“We work with a lot of local organizations like Muskingum County Behavioral Health, other groups like Prevention Action Alliance in Ohio. What we really want to do is kind of lift up and promote the good work that a lot of these local agencies are doing in the area of drug addiction, prevention, and education,” said Camper.

The trailer’s interior design is made to look like a teenager’s bedroom. They showed where kids might typically hide their drugs. It also shows what remanence of drug use might look like.

Code 3 Executive Director, Joseph Abdalla said “the trailer is named the opioid awareness trailer. It is constructed as a late teens early twenties bedroom. It contains a number of signs and indicators of drug abuse both with packaging, paraphernalia used to ingest, as well as locations that drugs are secreted inside of a teen’s bedroom.”

If you missed the trailer in Zanesville, you can go to for more locations the trailer will be in Ohio.