Highway Outdoor Show

Chuck Berry Currently lives in Zanesville, OH with his wife Jeannine and their six children. Chuck’s love for the outdoors began at a young age with his father being a Boy Scout Leader and getting to spend weekends in his grandparents’ camper at a conservation club in Northern Ohio.
He was included in every aspect from filling water jugs and packing the cooler to hunting and
fishing. One of the things he enjoyed most was the great meals prepared from the bounty of the weekend’s adventure. His experience with the outdoors only grew with time. He’s an Eagle Scout and he has worked at Charles Summers canoe base in Minnesota.

Chuck has gone deep sea fishing off the Keys and hunted in Colorado, Florida and Wisconsin. He’s also had the opportunity to hunt and fish with some amazing outdoorsmen like Billie Westmoreland, the first guy to do fishing TV, Dan Mare and his world Champion short haired pointer Roupe. Chuck even owns a recurve bow made by Len Carenelie when he was 91 years old. From mushroom hunting and whitetails in Ohio and hog hunting in the south to cooking the many delicacies that nature has to offer, Chuck loves the outdoors!


Don Pagath has lived in the Zanesville area his entire life with the exception of the 3 years he was in the U.S. Army. Don graduated from Zanesville High School in 1971 and went into the army after that summer.
He was employed by Brockway Glass, now O-I, in 1975 and retired after 38 years of service. Don started hunting at the age of 9 and has done so ever since. He also fished for years but has not in several. He

also fished for years but has not in several. Don is a Hunters Education Instructor, Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Recruiter, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and the Chairman of the Zanesville Area Friends of NRA. Don also shoots NRA High-Power matches at the Zanesville Rifle Club where he is
classified Expert and is presently the President. Don also is a member of the Ohio Lepidopterist Society and counts butterflies in the Blue Rock area to see what impact the environment has on them. Don and his wife of 20 years, Melanie now reside in Duncan Falls.


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Thank you to Ed Fell of Blind Turtle for appearing on Southeast Ohio’s Outdoor Show tonight!

Don went on a guided hunting trip for antelope.

Recipe of the Week

Cranberry Mojito

What other recipes will Chuck cook up this season? Tune in each Tuesday around 7:50 to find out.