DTV Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital television?

Digital television is a new way of transmitting television signals. It will eventually replace analog television, which is the way television signals have been transmitted for the past 50 years. Digital has been referred to as "turbo-charged television", yielding clearer pictures, better sound, and more viewing excitement than traditional analog television. Digital TV offers a picture free of ghosts, snow, or interference. The crisper, sharper image is due to the increased number of picture elements on the screen called “pixels.” There are two formats of digital television: Standard Definition and High Definition. What digital format will WHIZ-DT be transmitting? Initially, WHIZ-DT will be transmitting a Standard-definition Television (SDTV) signal. Eventually, we will transmit high-definition signals when more homes are able to receive HDTV signals. To learn more about Digital television, Click Here.

Why did whiz have to go digital?

The Federal Communications Commission mandated all broadcast television stations to convert to a digital signal.

Why did WHIZ build a new tower?

We had a tower that was almost 50 years old that would not hold our analog antenna, the new digital antenna, and FM radio antenna. So, we needed a new tower. However, the company that was contracted to erect the tower was concerned about radiation from our AM radio signal that used the tower as its antenna. We couldn’t shut the AM off while they worked on the new tower, so we moved it. This new location has given us a little more reach, fidelity, and improved our nighttime signal. After all that, we began erecting the new TV tower. The new antenna we are using is a dual-purpose antenna that will allow us to transmit both analog and digital. When we no longer transmit an analog signal, sometime in 2006, the portion of the new transmitter that is utilized for analog will be switched to digital and raise the power level to 620,000 watts.

What is WHIZ doing to transition from analog to digital television?

WHIZ-DT will soon begin broadcasting a Standard Definition Television signal from the Downard Road location. The digital signal will cover more of Southeastern and Central Ohio.

Will my current TV work with Digital TV?

Your existing (analog) television set will still continue to receive the current analog television transmission. However, you won’t be able to receive the new digital transmission with it. In order to receive digital, you have to purchase a new DTV receiver or a set-top box that will convert the digital signal so it can be viewed on an analog set. WHIZ-DT will be broadcasting the same programs on its digital channel as WHIZ-TV does on its analog channel. WHIZ-TV will continue to broadcast in analog for several years.

Is digital cable the same as Digital Broadcast TV?

No. Digital cable is not digital TV (DTV). Digital cable is just a method of transporting television channels.

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