Big School Battle in the MVL


The big school division of the Muskingum Valley League is a tight race for who will end the season at the top.

Right now four teams are competing for the title Tri-Valley, John Glenn and two teams that will face each other this week Sheridan and Philo.

The Philo Electrics saw their four game win streak come to an end at the hands of Tri-Valley. The Scotties were able to score 24 points off five Philo turnovers. The Electrics’ Head Football Coach said to win against Sheridan they’ll need to avoid making the self-inflicted mistakes made during their game with Tri-Valley.

“We’re in the gauntlet of our schedule. We’re trying to find solutions and answers to get some of these quality players in the MVL not have their best game against us,” said Philo Head Football Coach Dirk Lincicome.

They’ll also need to contain Sheridan’s Jason Munyon, who last week became the team’s all-time touchdown leader with 48.

“Granted he’s not a one man team. He’s got a decent offensive line in front of him. He’s got a quarterbacks he’s rotating in there that takes some pressure off him,” said Lincicome.

Sheridan extended their win streak last week to three in a row.

“It just means that you’re going to be in a battle week after week. You need to adjust your mentality that kind of adversity that kind of grind is something you can savor a little bit. My kids to their credit don’t get rattled,” said Sheridan Head Coach Paul Culver III.

This year’s game will take place at Sam Hatfield Stadium. It can also be heard on Z92. Pregame starts at 6pm with a kick-off at 7pm.

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