New, Online Schooling Offered in Zanesville


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A new way to learn is coming to Zanesville.

Vice President of Western Governors University Rebecca Watts came to Rotary today to speak about the opportunity.

“I’m going to be talking to the Rotary members about how higher education has transformed. And how Western Governors University is playing an important part in that transformation. and the whole purpose of that is to meet people’s needs and strengthen their futures in a way that makes sense in the 21st century. “

She says the school is targeted toward older students who work another job or need flexibility in their scheduling.

“Western Governors University offers online, non-profit, competency-based, credited education opportunities. We have four colleges — information technology, business, health professions and teachers. And so — people that are looking that are looking to get into careers that are supported by the skills and knowledge that are embedded in a degree program, across those colleges, we can really help them reach their career goals and we can do it in ways that they don’t have to quit their jobs so they can continue to work and then do their learning in and around the spaces of their lives.”

Watts says WGU helps older students to change what they know even later on in life.

“Each of us is going to have to continue to learn and grow throughout our lives. And so, we like people to think a little bit differently about what higher education means and what value it has in people’s lives.”

For more information about the college, go to their website.

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