Small cars with a large impact roll through Ohio

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BYESVILLE, OH- The International King Midget Car Club Jamboree is underway this weekend.

The International King Midget Car Club began in 1991 as a way to celebrate the history of “America’s Number One Fun Car”. During 1991 they also held their first King Midget Jamboree. Now with other 400 members, they have been gathering for the event ever since.

“The King Midget was a dream and an idea by two men, that were in the Civil Air Patrol, in World War II, they became fast friends, one lived in Indiana and moved to Athens, Ohio to become mechanic along with the other, then they came up with a little business called Midget Motors, and the first car they put out was a kit, it was a one seater, and that was in 1947,” said the President of The International King Midget Car Club, Lee Seats.

The King Midget is a rare and unique type of tiny car. People from all over the United States come together to share their love for these special vehicles. Throughout their time, Midget Motors built about 6,000 vehicles.

“We do a Jamboree every year, the second weekend in August, and we do it somewhere in the United States, last year it was in Kansas, this year here, next year Tennesse, we usually have anywhere from 50-100 cars,” said Seats.

If you are interested in becoming a part of The International King Midget Car Club you can visit their Facebook page or website for more information, If you are interested in finding a King Midget car for yourself be sure to get in contact with Club President Lee Seats.

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