Warsaw receives $5 million grant for water improvements


COSHOCTON, OH – Governor Mike Dewine, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted and the Ohio Department of Development announced several water infrastructure grants through Ohio BUILDS. The City of Coshocton is thrilled to accept a $5 million grant for a waterline extension project in the village of Warsaw.

“We are incredibly grateful to see the state investing money in our area. This grant will not only go to improving our infrastructure but ensuring students in our region have clean, accessible water,” said Mayor Mark Mills, City of Coshocton. “Once completed we are projecting this to benefit thousands of people in our region.”

This grant comes after the village of Warsaw identified several service laterals made of lead that could be contaminating drinking water, making these changes critical for the region. The city of Coshocton provides water service to Warsaw. The project will include the production of 44,000 feet of waterline along U.S. Route 36, stretching from Coshocton to Warsaw. The funds will also go to a new water storage tank to serve the junior and senior high schools.

This is a part of the fifth round of water infrastructure grant funding awarded through Ohio BUILDS. The $500 million investment into Appalachia is meant to infuse funding into three priority areas; historic downtowns, improving community health and rebuilding the local workforce

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