Chicken Dinner Sale Successful


ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The South Zanesville Fire Department held its annual chicken dinner Sunday afternoon.  

Chief Russell Taylor says that the sale was a rousing success, with the sale not even going for its full two hour runtime as planned. 

“It went great. We sold thirteen hundred and forty tickets in about an hour and fifteen minutes,” said Chief Taylor. “The crowd was tremendous, great day, great weather, they came out in droves. They supported the local fire department in our need. The spirit of the people were just glad to be out. Everybody’s been cooped up. People were out, enjoying the sun. Enjoying fellowship as much as they could.” 

Taylor gave a rundown of where the money is going and how it will be spent.

“The money goes to different charities that come and ask us for help. We help as much as we can and also the money goes to some small equipment we buy through the club. The club puts this on, not the fire department. It will support the fire department as much as possible,” explained Chief Taylor.

Taylor said the event will be back next year with possibly more chicken to be sold. 

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