Dog of the Week: Meet Hollywood


ZANESVILLE, OH- This week’s Dog of the Week will surely be the star of your family.

Hollywood is ready to walk the red carpet into your hearts. This three year old Terrier Mix uses his celeb status to charm people, other dogs and even cats. He doesn’t need a limo, but does like to ride in the car. K9 Adoption Center Volunteer Doug McQuaid said that like any pampered pet he needs attention and would love a fenced in backyard.

“It would be very good if he had a fenced in backyard where he can run and play, he loves to do that. He loves to play with balls, throw the ball and he’ll bring it back to you, if you have children that would be great. Just someone to interact with him and spend some time with him so he does feel like very active and makes their demeaner very well.”

McQuaid also said that Hollywood would like to see his supporting actors at the adoption center get a leading role in their own story.

“We’ve got a lot of dogs, anything from small to large. If you’re looking into adopting a dog, maybe stop in and see us or give us a call, maybe tell us a little bit about yourself whether if you maybe have children, have other dogs, cats, how many is in your family so that gives us a way to put you in the right place with the right dog.”

If you want to donate dog food at the K9 Adoption Center or would like to adopt Hollywood or any other dog, you can visit their website at

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