Donner and Dasher Up for Adoption

Donner And Dasher

This week’s pets of the week aren’t Santa’s reindeer but they are named after them.

Donner and Dasher are two of nine Huskie, possibly Shepherd mix puppies that were taken in by the Animal Shelter Society and given the names of the famous reindeer.

This pair is about three months old and behind their cute faces is a lot of energy. They’d do well in an active home and would fit into any family. The shelter wants those interested in adopting these cute pups that they aren’t a present.

“It’s a lifetime commitment and that’s something that we stress here. We have a pretty strict application process we do background checks. Then we set up for an hour and hour and a half for a meet and great. If you have another animal you’d have to bring it in meaning a dog to make sure that they are compatible, younger children, then we educate,” said Executive Director April Cohagen-Gibson.

Those interested in Donner, Dasher or any of the other reindeer named pups can go to the Animal Shelter’s website and see if the animals and fill out an adoption application. The shelter said they’ll get back to a person in 3-5 business days. If you want to help in the shelter’s mission, why not buy a ticket to “Caturday Night Live,” a comedy show taking place on January 15th.

“As a non-profit that’s how we support the 123 animals we have in our building today is from our great supporters the public and fundraisers like this,” said Cohagen-Gibson.

You can purchase a ticket to “Caturday Night Live” at the Animal Shelter or Bryan Place. Tickets are $20.

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