Eastside and First Baptist Church: Free Fresh Produce

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ZANESVILLE, OH- Tomorrow, Eastside Community Ministry and First Baptist Church of South Zanesville are hosting their annual Free Fresh Produce Market. People can come through the church through a drive-thru for people to get their groceries from fruits to vegetables and even dairy products.  

Lead Pastor at First Baptist Church David Nuhfer said that people should not arrive before 9:00 am and to be patient while the volunteers get ready for the event.   

“We’re asking people to not arrive before 9:00 am, we do have a team that will get them parked if everyone’s a little patient we’ll get everyone served. Once the food is loaded in their car, we’ll make sure that they’ll also drive off the property safely but please don’t get here before 9:00 am.”

Nuhfer also said that the Free Fresh Produce event will help those who are low on resources.  

“This is a time when a lot of people simply don’t have enough food in their home and we want to give folks who are under resourced, perhaps they have financial challenges, away of kind of getting over the hump on that food need. We think it’s the best way we can show people that God loves them and really serve in the community both Eastside and First Baptist Church.”

The Free Fresh Produce will take place at First Baptist Church of South Zanesville tomorrow from around 9:00 am and the goal is to serve over 200 families.

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