Jimi Campsey Wins Artist Of The Month

Gemini's Eclectic Emporium

ZANESVILLE, Ohio. – When people hear the word art, a lot of them probably think about a painting or a drawing of someone or something.

The Artist Colony of Zanesville named the artist of the month who does a much different style of art than the norm. Jimi Campsey is a member of the group Pyrotechnika. A local, that does all types of tricks with fire to entertain and impress an audience. Campsey said it means a lot to be named Artist of the Month, and it proved to him that he is actually an artist.

“I never really thought of myself as an artist, it was more just a business person trying to make ends meet around the art community. I’ve been performing with Pyrotechnika for 7 or 8 years now, doing fire performances, and then over the winter I started doing silversmithing so I guess this is stamping myself officially an artist so it’s pretty cool,” Said Campsey.

Campsey said he has been performing the hula hoop for 10 years and this past season he added the fire whip, fire wand, and fire wicks. When Campsey is not performing with pyrotechnika, or silversmithing, he picked up a new trade that he loves doing.

“I’ve also learned gem cutting at the same time as stone cutting, so actually my favorite material is our local Ohio flint which is beautiful. It’s our state gemstone and I spent my whole childhood kicking it out of the river so its a cool thing to be working with. I’ve been making pendants and rings mostly.

Campsey also owns the Gemini’s Eclectic Emporium, A shop that sells a wide variety of rocks, crystals, minerals, gems and more. You can see Campsey’s artwork at his shop on 28 North 7th Street, or attend one of Pyrotechnika’s public shows.

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