Joshua Weaver, Candidate for Sheriff, Meets Members of the Community at The Sports Barber

Weaver For Sheriff

ZANESVILLE, OH – Today a candidate for Sheriff made an appearance at The Sports Barber on Linden Avenue here in Zanesville.

Mike Debolt at The Sports Barber invited candidate Joshua Weaver out to get the chance to meet and greet members of the community.

“I want to send out to the community that we as a community need to come together, it’s not an I problem it’s a we problem and we the community need to come together in order to get our community going back in the right direction. Once elected Sheriff I plan on being more community oriented, being out inside the community listening to the people, any problems that they may want addressed within the Sheriff’s department. Also any issues that we can help guide them to organizations that may be able to help them out.”

Weaver spoke about his interest in getting more involved with the city and the people of Zanesville.

“Not just within the county itself also within the city limits, the people of Zanesville also are voters so they have a say in who the Sheriff is, so we need to take a little bit more direct involvement with them also within the city. Officers do currently work in the city even though it’s, you know, it’s not in the county, they do work in the city also, you see them all over making traffic stops or doing whatever because the issues within the city also bleed out into the county and vice versa.”

Weaver will be back
at The Sports Barber to meet members of the community on Saturday
from 7 am until noon.

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