Local Law Enforcement Talks Medical Marijuana


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Grow Ohio is the first Medical Marijuana processor in Ohio that has been awarded a certificate of operation.

Local law enforcement is trying to make sure the community is aware of what comes with it. This certificate allows them to convert cannabis into edibles, tinctures, creams and other products.

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz said, “The recent change has been to add edibles that contain the marijuana cannabis in it. For the law enforcement side, that really doesn’t change a whole lot. You still have to have, what they call a recommendation from a doctor to get that.”

Sheriff Lutz wants the community to know that although it changes the style and how you consume it they will still focus on if a person is under the influence and if they have a recommendation from a doctor.

“It’s still against the law federally to possess it but under the State guidelines the edibles would be legal to consume if it does contain it,” Sheriff Lutz said.

He said doctors prescribe a certain amount of medical marijuana and if someone is stopped, they should only have that amount prescribed. Around 5,500 Ohioans have purchased medical marijuana so far.

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