Mayor Mason Explains Grant

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The city of Zanesville was recently awarded a $355,000 grant. 

The grant is going to be used on curbing and sidewalk maintenance. Mayor Don Mason explained how the city came into the money.

“Well the city applies for community development block grants on a regular basis. We try to make sure that we fit within the guidelines of what the state of Ohio is looking for. In this case what was looked for was being looked for was critical infrastructure in low and moderate income areas. Many of our older areas of Zanesville have not had curbing, street or sidewalk repairs in sometimes decades.”

Mason also gave an overview on the timeline and content of the repairs. The contracts went to a local contractor.

“Work is gonna start on Monday the fifteenth and should be over within about a two week period. We’ll be doing a combination of curbing, sidewalk and some street repairs along Mead street, Ridge Avenue and Brighton Boulevard areas. Again, we are trying to caution people: if you can go out of your way to avoid that area, we would appreciate it.”

The mayor also wants to stress that measures such as social distancing and rigorous hand washing are still necessary. 

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