Muskingum Valley Old Timers Association Hall of Fame

Old Timers

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Muskingum Valley Old Timers Association is preparing for their 33rd Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Former presidents, Pat Bollinger and Jim Wright said the Hall of Fame is a great way to honor the community. The four man committee chooses players, members, and people involved with the Old Timers Association.

“The Muskingum Valley Old Timers Association decided to have a Muskingum Valley Old Timers Association Hall of Fame. This came about from Doug Pollock who thought we should give back to our players, people in our organization, and the community,” Bolliinger said.

There have been a few players that have come from this community that have played minor league baseball, major league baseball, and even coached according to Wright and Bollinger. Jim Wright also wanted to let the community know that throughout the summer, a lot of baseball is played at Gant Stadium.

“At Gant Stadium there is ball games going on all summer long and the public is certainly invited to go out there and watch these games. It is fun to watch the seventh and eighth graders. As they get older the Junior Pioneers or Junior Legion and Senior Legion. The Junior Pioneers and Senior Pioneers. It is just a wonderful program that Zanesville has,” Wright said.

The Hall of Fame banquet is July sixth at 6:00PM at the V.F.W here in Zanesville and will feature the 12 Hall of Fame inductees.

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