New York Classical Players Will Be Performing at Secrest Auditorium

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ZANESVILLE, OH – The New York Classical Players will be performing at Secrest Auditorium on March 15th.

The 21-member orchestra will be bringing music to the ears of Downtown Zanesville as they perform at Secrest Auditorium. The doors will open at 6:30 with the concert starting at 7pm. Tickets can be bought online or at the door and children get in free. The two-hour concert will consist of Mozart, Haydn, and contemporary music compositions from their newest recordings.

“The fun with this concert is that the conductor also plays a musical instrument. So, there’s a place in the concert where he’ll turn around and pick up the viola and play along with the orchestra.” Booking Agent for the Zanesville Concert Association, Jim McLaughlin stated.

This is the last concert of the season for the Zanesville Concert Association. Jim McLaughlin, the Booking Agent for the Zanesville Concert Association, said that they have plans in store for the next season, which they will be announcing at the concert. The 84th season for the Zanesville Concert Association should be exciting.

“We bring world class musicians here. That is a treat that we provide this service to the community, and we’ve been doing it for 83 years.” McLaughlin said.

To learn more about the upcoming concert, visit the link below.


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