‘Season of giving’ transforms into day of returns


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Christmas has come and gone and now a pile of gifts may now be a lot of items that need to be returned.

A Merchandise Manager from JCPenney inside the Colony Square Mall, Mindy Flack says the day after Christmas is the busiest day for returns.

“The day after Christmas is usually the one that’s the biggest returns. Everybody that got gifts that maybe don’t fit [or] they don’t like, they come in and get those exchanged for something they do like.”

She says that stores prepare themselves for the extra shoppers hoping to exchange.

“We do try to keep it staffed so that — there’s not a long wait. That people can come in and if it’s on their lunch if they’re back to work, they can come in and it goes rather smoothly, quickly.”

Flack says stores also prepare for people returning gifts by offering extra holiday sales.

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