Senior Care Facility Celebrates Heroes


ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Oaks of Bethesda nursing home is celebrating national superhero day with a few caped crusaders. 

The care facility had costumed volunteers come by Tuesday afternoon to celebrate its staff and residents. Executive Director Tiffany Goin says that they are all heroes. 

“What we wanted to do was take the opportunity to say thank you to our individual heroes. In our instance, that is actually of our teammates and all of our residents in these trying times. Today is national superhero day, so what an appropriate time to honor them than by having live superheroes come in.”, Goin said Tuesday afternoon.

The live superheroes were dressed as famous Marvel characters and went window to window to check on residents. Damon Wildin of Character express says that the experience is always a positive one.

“We’re just out here supporting all the residents and having a good time with them… Actually we do, we actually just came from one, another place, Adams Lane. We just go everywhere, anybody that wants us we come and see them… Yes, it’s a lot of fun. We enjoy what we do and we have fun with everybody and we get down and have fun so.” 

The seniors were thrilled to be visited by actual heroes. 

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