*Update* Sheriff: Philo High School social media post did not include threat

Muskingum County Sheriff's Office

DUNCAN FALLS, Ohio – Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz issued an update Monday afternoon regarding social media issues at Philo High School.

Lutz says it has been determined there was no actual threat on a social media post on Snapchat Sunday night and it remains under review. He added that the student has been arrested on charges unrelated to the social media post.

Lutz did not release any other details.

“I think the parents, and again, I think we have a good track record and I think our schools in this county — and the city — have a great track record that if there’s something out there that we think the parents need to know, we’re gonna get it to them as soon as possible. And, you know, there’s been schools that have been shut down the next day because of a — comment or a threat. There’ve been schools released early because of comments and threats and this was nowhere near the shape or form of that. Especially with the activity that our office did last night with the investigation.”

Lutz credited students who felt nervous about the post for alerting authorities to the possible threat.

“There were some post put out that made — quite frankly — some kids a little bit nervous about what was being said. And this was a clear-cut example of our kids, in this county, ‘Seeing something, saying something.’ Not necessarily saying that this avoided something really bad but it definitely was the right process and could’ve avoided something really bad.”

Superintendent Sharon McDermott made a statement regarding the school on social media.

The school was not closed as a result of the issue.

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