Suspected Shooter Appears in Court

Franklin Grayson

Franklin Grayson, the 26-year-old man charged in the March 17 shooting at Muskingum University, appeared in court for the first time Tuesday morning.

Grayson is currently charged with one first-degree felony count of attempted murder and one second-degree felony count of felonious assault.

The victim in the shooting was an Olivet College baseball player who was shot three separate times.

During the initial appearance, Muskingum County Judge Jay Vinsel continued Grayson’s $1 million bond at the request of the State.

Muskingum County Prosecutor Ron Welch explained to the Court that the defendant has no ties to the local community and has already proven to be a flight risk given his behavior the night of the shooting.

Prosecutor Welch said the defendant took significant steps to arrive in Muskingum County to commit his crimes and immediately fled the scene after shooting the victim multiple times.

“The defendant represents a danger to not only this community but anywhere he may be released,” Prosecutor Welch said in court. “Any type of monitoring would be insufficient.”

Prosecutor Welch anticipates additional charges will be filed after the case is presented to the Grand Jury.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Thursday at 10 a.m. in Judge Vinsel’s Court.

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