There are several tips that shoppers should keep in mind for their safety


ZANESVILLE – Parking is often times at a premium when holiday buyers go to the mall or to stores. One thing to keep in mind is trying to find a parking spot that is well-lit.

“We like to make sure that you are parked in well-lit areas. Most of our stores in Zanesville are properly lit. They have a lot of places where you can park under a light. Proper lighting seems to deter criminals and we always suggest that,” Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz said.

Another good idea to protect yourself from theft is exiting a store in numbers.

“When you’re leaving a store, especially at night, its always better to kind of wait for other customers that are going out at the same time. You may not know those folks, you may be going to a different part of the parking lot, but at least going out of the store and going into the parking lot area, if you’re walking with a group, you’re probably a little less likely to be targeted and I think that could be a deterrent to help with some of that stuff,” Lutz said.

Lutz also suggests placing purchased items in the trunk of your vehicle rather than somewhere like the backseat.

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