Vance on a Political Tour through Ohio


JD Vance is on a political tour through Ohio as mid-term elections near. His campaign is focuses on several platforms all coming back to a central focus, Ohio could be doing better but it needs leadership.

Tuesday, Vance visited with potential voters at the Noble County Fair and then to tour a coal facility. The republican running for senate said countries like China and India are investing in resources in coal, America should too.

“You can have solar and wind but you have to have nuclear. You have to have natural gas you have to have coal as part of the equation,” said Republican Senate Candidate JD Vance. “No country in the world that is trying to transition a lot of its citizens to the middle class is ignoring coal. So if the Chinese aren’t ignoring coal, if the Indians aren’t ignoring coal I don’t know why the Americans should because what happens over there effects our environment too.”

Vance said now is the time to stop borrowing money and paying people not to work. He said this raises prices making it harder for people to afford what they need. He said if we can get energy and inflation under control it will help the economy.

“If you’re living paycheck to paycheck this absolutely slams you,” said Vance. “I’ve talked to a lot of people across the state who are having trouble filling up their gas tank, they’re worried about putting food on the table, they’re worried about school supplies for their kids, now that kids are going back to school that’s not a country that’s not a state our people deserve to live in.”

Vance will face Democrat Tim Ryan for the US Senate seat this November left open by the retiring Rob Portman.

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