Zanesville Coca-Cola Bottling Co. recognizes Black History Month with artwork

Cocacola Artist

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Coca-Cola Bottling Company on South Seventh Street is displaying one of their employees art pieces next month.

February is known as National Black History Month. The month is celebrated to remember important people and events in history of the African American Disapora.

One of their employees has hand-drawn African American icons — he says he’s drawn hundreds of art pieces over the years.

“With my art, a lot of times — it depends on how much of inspiration it does give me. Each image takes a lot longer than the other one. Some of them, like the one with Jamie Foxx and Ray Charles, it tells you his legacy, I could only spend like maybe a couple of hours a day on that one but it took me over like six months to actually be able to complete it because I wanted to be able to put all the detail and capture everything in there for that image.”

Along with those men, Mitchell’s display also includes Barack and Michelle Obama and other icons. He has also drawn images portraying African American mothers.

He says he’s thankful that the month gives him the opportunity to share his artwork with the community.

“It’s just time, dedication and just sacrifice that I can be able to share my talent. It’s not up for sale — but I just want everyone to share — this has given me an opportunity to share the talent that God has given me.”

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