Zanesville High School New Turf Field in Progress

Football Field

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- After 13 years, the Zanesville High School Blue Devils are getting a brand new turf field. 

This is the second time the Motz Group company has replaced a field at Zanesville High School. The company from Cincinnati started the new turf project at the end of May and have been working hard to have it completed by July 16.

“It’s exciting for our kids because I think it shows the commitment we have, to not only our student athletes but the general population of Zanesville. A lot of people come in and utilize the track or the turf and it serves a lot of different functions. Anytime you can make an improvement that benefits everyone, I think that’s a real plus,” Zanesville High School Athletic Director Scott Aronhalt said.

The big issue with the old field was drainage. The water wasn’t draining as quickly. Aronhalt said they would have probably gotten away with another year of the old field but for the general safety of everyone who utilizes it, it was best to replace it this year.

“This is not only a football stadium but our soccer team plays here, the elementary schools have field days here. A lot of different practices and events go on. The band uses the facility,” Aronhalt said.

And even though the track was resurfaced three years ago, completely redoing the track is still on the athletic directors list. 

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