Zanesville Kiwanis Club Peanut Sale Soon

Kiwanis Peanut Sale
Kiwanis Peanut Sale

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The Zanesville Kiwanis Club is preparing for their largest fund raiser of the year. The annual peanut sale is coming up soon.

“You’ll see us out on the streets this weekend. We will be selling peanuts by donation. We get all the key clubs involved in the peanut sale, so there are five key clubs,” says Matt Harper, 2019 President of Zanesville Kiwanis.

Harper says Key Clubs from West Muskingum, Zanesville, Rosecrans, Philo, and Maysville will be involved in the peanut sale.

“We get them all involved, we’ll be at Walmart north, Walmart south, Brandwine & Bell Streets. So when you’re out and about this weekend, stop by, give a donation for some peanuts. It’s, again, the largest fundraiser that we do,” Harper said.

Proceeds go back into the community, he says. Zanesville Kiwanis holds a Christmas party every year where they give gifts for up to sixty children every year at a local school.

The cost of a bag of peanuts for the Kiwanis Peanut Sale is: whatever you feel like giving.

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