Covid-19 Effects on Business

The Covid-19 pandemic is in full swing and local businesses are seeing the effects of the virus.

Mother Tucker’s owner Jimmy Pitcock said he has only seen a bit of a slowdown.

“Once the mandatory shutdown went into place, or the stay at home, I think it was right around St. Patrick’s Day, those first couple days was awfully scary. I think people slowly slowly started to realize what they could do, it still wasn’t a lot. But those first couple of days, at least for here and other stores there was nothing going on,” said Pitcock. “The first couple of days, then slowly as people started to realize how to take this and what to expect they got a little bit better but it’s definitely not benefitted anybody from this for sure.”

Pitcock says he’s also gotten a unique view of the pandemic through his customers.

” You know, people are still just in shock, I mean no one is used to this at all. It just seems like people are ready for a change, like they want it but they’re still afraid. They’re ready for this to get over with, but they wanna do it the right way and so does everybody cause nobody knows the right answer,” explained Pitcock.

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