22nd Annual McConnelsville Reenactment

If you were down in Morgan County today, you might have heard the sounds of a bugle or shots from a canon.

The 22nd Annual Morgan County Civil War Encampment Days blasted through the McConnelsville and Malta area.

The weekend-long event ended with a civil war reenactment at Springbrook Farms. Reenacter Ernie Parnell says each year the group performs a small skit at the bottom of the hill before the battle.

“You actually can become anything you want to be,” said Parnell. “It’s like play period, but at the same time, it has history to it and it depends on what degree you want to go.”

Parnell says there are different kinds of reenactments.

“Everyone of them is different because every reenactment story is different,” he said. “Like any other social organization, you bring all the units together, how that synergy works, that particular battle, the scripts that are written, things like that.”

Today’s winner of the battle was the Union side. Parnell says to keep everyone happy, they take turns winning. Yesterday’s overtaking of McConnelsville was won by the Confederacy.

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