The 33rd Annual Cake Auction Has Come To An End

Final Day Cake Auction

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The 33rd Annual Cake Auction has come to an end Friday evening after two very successful days.

In just the two days, the community raised $125,110 for the Carr Center, that is up $7,000 from last years total. Executive Director, Kim Hosler said the event went great and she is extremely grateful for the community.

“We care for generation after generation of some of our programs, like safety town or speech services. We might be serving the second or third generation in that family, so we go back to the 1950’s providing speech therapy services and I think, we have really touched a lot of lives in this community,” said Hosler.

Hosler said this was a great gift from the community, because this will give them the ability to continue their services, and even look into some new possibilities.

Hosler added, “I think a lot of things pulling together made a difference. We had a lot of private donors at the end, that just made contributions to the Carr Center. We actually landed 7,000 dollars higher than we did last year with about 50 less cakes this year. So, it’s significant results with fewer cakes and, so I think just all the stars aligned or something, but we just did so much better this year.”

Hosler wanted to give a sincere thank you to everyone that played a role in this year’s cake auction, and know the 34th will be right around the corner.

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