3G Wireless Comes To Zanesville

Keeping up in this fast paced world just got a little easier for Zanesville residents on the go.

Starting today, the term “More bars in more places” became a reality for AT&T customers in the area.

“Pleased to announce the launch of our 3G wireless coverage here in Zanesville, Oh. So it will be more bandwidth, more applications for people on their wireless devices. There’s different forms of what we call broadband and what it essentially means is greater speed, connectivity and better applications.” Says AT&T Ohio President, Tom Pelto.

Parts of Interstate 70, State Routes 22, State Route 60 and State Route 146 are now part of the expanded AT&T Wireless coverage area that will give those on the go greater access to the wireless world.

“I think its huge, its certainly big from an AT&T perspective, but its also great news for Zanesville. We’re living in a wireless world now, that’s the way the world is going and as I said there are different kinds of broad bands, some travel on wires- this goes through the air and that going to allow customers to enjoy that enhanced connectivity that they will get and experience from that, both in their work, where they live and where they play.”

The expanded coverage went fully operational today after a week of testing to ensure the expansion would run smoothly.

AT&T officials says this expanded coverage is also an opportunity to create jobs and economic growth as the company continues to build upon broadband networks in the area.

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