5th Annual Big-Little Show

Brothers and sisters little and big are preparing for quite the show.

The 5th Annual Big Little Show is well underway.

Thirteen-year old and star of the show, Matti Chrisman says they’ve been rehearsing since April.

“It has lots of singing and dancing,” said Chrisman. “It’s about a girl named Matti, the girl I’m playing, and she has a dream of becoming big and famous. She has a girl group Zivas. She wants to become big and famous.”

Chrisman says her character’s mother in the show isn’t so sure of her daughter auditioning for the show, so Matti’s big sister steps in.

“Her big sister, from Big Brothers Big Sisters, Katerina, helps her get into the competition and it’s a nice show,” she said. “When it’s over you can stay and watch fireworks.”

The show is at 5 p.m. Saturday, July 4. After the show, Big Brothers Big Sisters encourages you to stay for the fireworks show.

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