A Lifetime of Farming Continues in Duncan Falls

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DUNCAN FALLS, Ohio – A Duncan Falls man is able to continue his farming lifestyle, thanks to accommodations made by state organizations. Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and AgrAbility have provided Buddy Myers with a new hydraulic lift and back-up cameras for his tractor.

Myers says that while his three adult sons are able to lend a hand on the family farm, he found it difficult to board his tractor on his own in recent years. The family created a makeshift lift to solve the problem.

“Thirteen years ago–before I had my hips replaced–we had made a lift. Took a pallet and put guardrails on it; and then my sons would raise me up with a loader so I could get in the tractor. And then I got my hips replaced; and then when I got better from that I could get in and out–until I had the heart attack; and then I was so weak, you know. And then the arthritis got worse–you know, from laying around in bed. So, it’s kind of a series of events that led me to be where I’m at today.”

Frustrated and not wanting to see his farming days end, Myers decided to reach out to Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities to see what could be done. Jennifer Way, with OOD, says help was readily available for Buddy.

“Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities helps individuals with going back to work or getting a job. And so, Buddy is a farmer and he wanted to be able to continue to farm so he applied for our services and we went through our eligibility process and then we worked with AgrAbility and got recommendations about how we could help Buddy continue to farm; which included the recommendations about his lift and cameras.”

Buddy’s tractor is now outfitted with all he needs to complete the harvest–as well as care for 700 cows and over 500 acres of land.

“Oh, I was very excited. There’s paperwork to fill out, both with AgrAbility and the department of rehab–on Underwood Street–and Jennifer, the lady I worked with in there, she was very understanding and just super to work with. Everybody has been so good; I’m so grateful.”

Myers has lived on and farmed land in Duncan Falls for his entire life.

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