American Red Cross experience Blood Shortage

American Red Cross

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- As the Covid-19 pandemic seems to calm down, the American Red Cross is still experiencing a severe blood shortage. 

Compared to 2019, there has been a 10% increase in blood usage and they are seeing that nationwide. Donors who have had Covid can donate blood or platelets, as long as they haven’t had symptoms in 10 days. 

“It is very important because blood has a shelf life, 45 days for red blood cells. We need people constantly coming through our doors. Although, it’s going out faster than we can bring it in,” American Red Cross Senior Account Manager Lori Gaitten said.

Due to the shortage and a way to say thanks, American Red Cross is offering a few incentives to donors. You can receive a hat if you donated from July 1 through the 6 or an Amazon gift card if you donate from July 7 through the 31. Donors who schedule an appointment for Thursday at the Colony Square Mall will receive a free ticket to Cedar Point or Kings Island. 

“I think it’s not on people’s radar until it’s been something that their family has experienced personally. Sadly, everyday we have those trauma patients; car accidents, farming accidents. We have children with cancer that every day in their treatment, they need those platelets or red blood cells as just a part of their battle against the disease,” Gaitten said.

You can schedule an appointment to donate blood here. You will be able to type your zip code to locate a blood drive near you. 

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