Animal Shelter Feels Economic Crunch

The signs of a struggling economy are evident while driving up and down any city street. Foreclosure signs, empty business fronts aren’t uncommon- even homeless and abandoned pets.

The economy is taking its toll on our four legged friends and no where is this more apparent then the animal shelter in Muskingum County. “The shelter, were feeling the economy crisis just as anybody is, you know we’re in kind of a crisis here where donations are down, the companies that donate products to us those donations are down. We’re getting to the point where we may be forced to make some ugly decisions here soon.”

The shelter has been feeling the effects of a down economy for the past six to nine months. The monetary donations and food or supply donations aren’t coming in like they used to, but dog and cat surrenders are. “We are seeing more surrendered animals from people who have lost their homes or they have to move into rental property or they’ve just plain lost their jobs and they can’t afford to keep them anymore, so we are up slightly in that manner. Other than that its pretty much par for the course this time of year, we’re very busy, a lot of extra puppies and kittens coming in.”

Hostetler is however very happy with a recent fundraiser held by students at OUZ and Zane State that helped the shelter immensely. “It was a really great event, they put a lot of hard work into it they raised almost $800 in donations, they raised a lot of donations in dog food, cleaning supplies and all kinds of things. It was a great event.”

The shelter’s next opportunity to raise funds for operations isn’t until August with their annual benefit, but Hostetler says donations are always very welcomed.

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