Are you ready to take a Journey?

Resize Journey

The Muskingum County Dog Warden and Adoption Center hasn’t stopped “believin” that its dog of the week can find a forever home.

We first introduced you to Journey back in October. He’s a 2-year- old, American Bull Dog breed who is very energetic.

” He is very playful, very obedient, he is I think hearing impaired to a certain extent. He can hear me but I have a stronger, deeper voice but I think there is sometimes where he doesn’t hear as well as some of our other dogs” said Dog Warden representative Bryan Catlin.

Catlin is also reminding those who keep their pets outside to make sure they are protected from the extreme cold. He said it’s better to use straw for bedding rather than towels which can freeze. It’s also important to frequently change the water in their bowl.

“Make sure they have enough food, you want to keep the weight on them, you have to feed them more in the winter time you know just to keep the weight on them to keep (on) the fat to help them keep warm.”

He also recommends to check your pet’s paws if they’ve been in the snow and ice for any signs of frostbite. If you’re interested in adopting Journey or any of their other dogs you can contact the Adoption Center to set up a meet and greet.

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