Area Greenhouse Offers Gardening Tips

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The middle of spring is a time when most people start cultivating their garden. 

McDonald Greenhouse here in Zanesville is in the midst of its busy season. Owner Susan McDonald offers some tips on what is best to grow at this time.

“Earlier in the season, people bought hanging baskets which they could bring in and out during the season. Now it’s time to put flats of annuals and vegetable plants in the ground… Your number one pick are your tomatoes and green peppers. Most people that just have patio gardening, they’ll pick at least a few tomatoes like better boy or beefsteak. Those are our top two tomatoes and then cal wonder pepper is our top green pepper and then a lot of people buy gobs of garden plants and wanna get back to nature and grow their own food.”

The frost date for our area was May 15th and now is the perfect time to grow plants and vegetables. McDonald also had a few tips for maintaining your garden. 

“Weed control is your number one problem. We like to fertilize once a week, all purpose miracle grow, all of our annuals. And then, in the garden, you want to pull weeds and keep up and maintain. Some people put down plastic or newspaper or straw to keep the weeds down and then some people like to garden organically and some people don’t. Sevendust is a popular dust for bugs on your tomatoes and green pepper plants and some people choose not to… Reach out to your local garden center, we have lots of knowledge and experience and we like to talk to different customers.”

McDonalds Greenhouse is open everyday and hours can be found on their website. 

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