Area Man Enjoys Dog Park

2018.03.19 Dog Park Reopens Pic 2

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Local Man Ted Altier took his dogs to the Riverside Dog Park Sunday afternoon. 

Ted, a dialysis patient, says that the exercise is good for his body as well as his mind. 

“It’s a two-fold thing: number one, I’m taking my dogs up here for a walk. Obviously they’ve been inside since this Coronavirus thing. Number two: you can see I’m  a dialysis patient, So I need to get up here for the trail for the dog thing, it’s great for me to go around like twelve, fifteen times to get a good sweat going and they draw less fluid off of me that way.” 

Ted says that he walks at least a mile or two every day. He’s also in a band that plays in the Perry County area, the LabRats.

“That’s cause I’m on dialysis, my drummer he blues liver, my bass player has high blood pressure, and our lead singer has ADD so we call ourselves the LabRats. I think you all would have a good time if you come see us in that case from Corning. We usually play in the general area of Corning, Perry County area. It’s a lot of fun and it keeps me going too besides the exercise.”

Hopefully we can all take a page from Ted’s book and keep our exercise and emotions high.

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