Art Show at Zane Grey Preschool

Zane Grey Preschoolers

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Zane Grey Preschool held their first ever art show Wednesday morning. The idea of the show came from their new curriculum. STEAM focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Zanesville teacher of 20 years, Lisa Clark, is passionate about the program and shared her excitement with us. “We decided since our summer school program is hot off the press this year that we would do some art every week with the kids so everyday we chose a piece of art to do with them. So then we thought why not let our community benefit from our art that our preschoolers did so we put together the art show for Christ Table so all benefits will go to them,” Clark said.

The preschoolers are taught at a young age to give back to the community. Four-year-old, Harriet, shared her masterpiece with us.  “It’s me and Ms. Wendy and the sunshine,” Harriet exclaimed.

The teachers said the kids are capable of doing anything that they encourage them to do. They said set the bar high and they will achieve it.  

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